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We are a Japanese company named “Kiyo Kensetsu Kikai Co., Ltd.” specialized in rebuilding parts. Our head office is in Wakayama, which is located on the south side of Osaka. Our company was established in 1969. We shifted to “rebuilt parts business” after engaging in “used parts business” for 25 years. The number of employees is 62 people and the annual sales last year was about ¥ 2,300,000,000 (¥2.3billion). There are many kinds of parts we deal in including “Engines, Main Pumps, Travel Motors, Swing Motors, Swing Reductions (Swing Gears), Hydraulic Cylinders, Trans Missions, Torque Converters, Control Valves, Swivel Joints, which all Japanese manufactures produce. (Komatsu, Kobelco, Caterpillar, HITACHI, Sumitomo, KATO, Kubota, YANMAR, etc.) Our main clients are all Japanese manufacturers such as Komatsu, HITACHI, Caterpillar, SUMITOMO, Kobelco, KATO, KUBOTA, YANMAR, etc. and general consumers. We receive about 200 inquiries and about 30 shipments per day. The number of clients we’ve registered on our client list is more than 9,000 including manufacturers’ sales offices. The percentage of inquiries we receive per one day is 45% from Manufacturers, another 45% from trading companies, and the remaining 10% from general consumers. We buy traded-in construction machinery of all kinds that is destined for the scrap heap. The first thing we do is disassemble the machinery at our factory, breaking down the machinery into original parts and components. We work on each part unit with a specialized team of four to six people. (There are 4 specialized teams:“Disassembling team”, “Motor team”, “Cylinder team” and “Engine team”. ) All the rebuilt parts go through “hydraulic test” with a bench tester. We are proud of rebuilding a number of different parts including current-model Engines (common-rail type), pumps (electronic control) and motors. We have the world’s largest stock of parts with more than 350,000. We don’t always stock non-hydraulic parts such as Cabin, Arm, Boom, and Cover since we only keep non-hydraulic parts which can be “restored” again. All the testers we have are 5 hydraulic bench testers, 1 engine horsepower tester, and 1 hydraulic tester. They were all developed jointly by Kawasaki Heavy Industries.